Florida does its part to make social media a little less fun.

Remember good old CS/SB 198: Social Media Privacy?  We talked about it back in February, and it was going to prohibit “an employer from requesting or requiring access to a social media account of an employee or prospective employee; prohibiting an employer from taking retaliatory personnel action for an employee’s failure to provide access to his or her social media account; prohibiting an employer from failing or refusing to hire a prospective employee who does not provide access to his or her social media account, etc.”

Well, even with the “business purposes” exception that threatened to swallow the good done with the rule, it recently died in the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee.  So if you live in the great state of Florida and you’ve got the kind of employer who might demand access to your Facebook account, you may want to watch what you say on social media.   As Jeffrey Rosen wrote back in 2010 in the New York Times Magazine, the web means the end of forgetting.

Mashable has some great tips on how to deal with these kinds of requests.  In a state as thoroughly committed to at-will employment as Florida, it’s worth taking them into consideration.  Either way, the luster of those early days of Facebook (remember when you still needed a .edu to get in?) are wearing off real quick.


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